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Getting Started

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       First Step - Create a new QlikView Document or Open an existing one

You can't open the ApplyBI Spreadsheet outside Qlikview. So if you don't have an existing QVW you must create one.


       Second Step - Create the necessary Variables.

In order to store the functions and procedures of the ApplyBI Spreadsheet the QlikView document must have at least the following variables.

vSpreadData & vSpreadCalc.

In the Qlikview Document toolbar you will find the Settings button.Choose "Variable Overview" and Add the above Variables. See the picture below.



       Third Step - Toggle on the Web View.

The ApplyBI Spreadsheet working only in web view. So you must turn on the web interface.

In the Qlikview Document toolbar you will find the View button.Choose "Turn on/off Webview". See the picture below.



       Forth Step - Make your ApplyBI Spreadsheet.

When you are in web view right click in the sheet and choose New Sheet Object and then Extension Objects.

Then drag the cross beside the ApplyBISheet and drop it to the sheet. See the picture below