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Time to welcome Applybi, the ideal extension for Qlik users.


What makes it so unique?

The combination of design and practicality. Applybi keeps the user experience inspired design of QlikView data visualization while adding the practicality, simplicity and variety of functions used in spreadsheets.

That way you can still work on a familiar environment, like Qlikview while all the benefits of a spreadsheet are still at your fingertips.


All your needs are met easier than ever.

Applybi generates real time reports tailor-made to meet any Qlik reporting or analytical requirement.

But the benefits don’t end here. You can also add your own data in Qlik Apps and visualize them on Qlik objects.


Taking interaction to a whole new level, applybi interacts fully with QlikView while any selection affecting Qlik objects can be applied to applybi Spreadsheets.